What is better? 1 long raycast or 10 smaller raycasts?

raycast at 100 studs distance


for i = 1, 10 do
raycast at 10studs from lastpos
if result then break

what is better for memory?

1 long raycast. It’s always better (for the memory) to do one thing than to do 10 smaller things. And it’s faster too. Also, 100 studs is a really small distance, you should worry about something like this when you try to raycast to thousands of studs away

1 long one is easier to deal with tbh. but 10 smaller ones do give more data, but ehhhhh i would still prefer 1 long one.

As far as I can remember, a staff member conformed that the factor that changes a raycast’s speed and performance is the distance, not the amount. So, 10 smaller raycasts would be, in theory, faster than 1 long raycast. Not sure if this behavior changed or not.

ikr thats my point im asking yknow???

I would benchmark it some time later, but if you aren’t casting rays alot (aka, when making a hitbox for a melee), you would be generally fine with a long ray.