What is better account or group games?

What is better for holding a game, an account or a group?
What are the pros and cons? Advantages and disadvantages? Will either affect the number of people who will play your game?


I recommend using a group as it can be used to host several different games, events, and you will have the option to hire developers much more easily than without a group. You will also be able to split the Robux you earn from your game. Also, advertising a group with multiple games essentially advertises all your games with one group ad.

However, if you prefer to develop alone, use your account so you won’t have to fiddle with group funds and whatnot.



More effective
Availability to have more developers on your team (without team create)
Robux earned goes to group funds.

Any people with the “Edit group and manage group games” can update the game without you knowing
You can have a bigger cut(?)


Easily manage alone.
All money earned goes straight to your account
No worry about losing your game(?)

Players can lose interest and not play the games under your account.
No way to split earnings with other developers, if you have other working with you.



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I prefer doing group games as people will see your group more and you can get more members.

Using a group to manage your game will allow you to build a community around the game you are making, and it gives your fans of the game a good place to communicate about the game.

This will allow you to see update ideas/suggestions of things your players would like you to include a lot more easier than reading individual messages sent to you on ROBLOX private messages.

It will allow you to give members different ranks and ultimately create more interest in your game as there is more to it than just the game; players can feel like they are part of a community.

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Pros of having a group for your games:

  • Players can go into discussions via the group wall.
  • You can get extra revenue from selling clothing items.
  • You can use the group shout to lead group members to new games.

Cons of having a group for your games:

  • None. (in my opinion)
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@Chaddaking also,he is able to make an alt/bot acc,to probably,never lose the games aka the group.

I find that some of the pros for your account aren’t actually pros.

  • Managing a community around your game is way easier with a group shout than telling people on your profile.
  • All money earned goes into your group and that can be payed out without tax. Which is a better than a profile.

are bot accounts permitted allowed on Roblox? and what is their function?

I didn’t say anything about bots.

Bot accs that does some specific functions,are permitted,but those bot accs you are meaning,are scam bots.

Ye,i was also gonna say,i talked about bots,but you messaged him,xd.

I am making a game myself, and I am wondering if I will still get things like Developer Rewards if it is owned under a group? That is my biggest worry, and I still want to be able to get the rewards if I were to own it under my account.

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I think the owner of the group gets developer rewards, however nobody else does as people were exploiting this giving it to random people.

(I’m talking about the DevCrowns btw, also I think they’re temporarily disabled anyways!)

If you mean Premium Payouts, the group still gets those.

Ok, thanks. I am making a roller coaster game myself, do you think I should keep it as a group game or make it an account game? I can’t really decide myself, I’m not sure which would benefit it better.

I think a group game is the best decision. If your game is played a lot and has a player-base, people will join the group.

If one person is in your group, and they have friends, or anyone visits their profile, they have a chance at seeing your group, and might even join it themselves. If a big YouTuber plays your game, you can expect a lot of people to join it.

Now if you create more games, or add shirts / pants to your group to sell, you’re going to start making revenue off of these people that are randomly finding your group.

Not to mention, if your group or game gets big, it’ll get skyrocketed to the group search results or game search page, meaning more revenue. 100 Robux is an incredibly small price to pay for all this potential, I suggest it.

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I’m not sure why this isn’t marked as a solution, this post covers all the pros and cons entirely.