What is better to use to make trains move?

Hello, I am working on train scripts, and I am trying to make trains move. For now I’ve been using CFrame:Lerp() but I am not sure if it’s a good way to do it, or if I should use TweenService. The script is getting train’s position, and node’s position, and then it’s CFraming the cars separately to nodes. (for now it’s facing in a bad way, I am trying to implement a fix to it, but it’s hard to implement when there is CFrame:Lerp, for more info check my other Topic) What way would you use? Now it’s really confusing with CFrame:Lerp, because there are multiple lines as one attribute. Thank you for your suggestions.

you can try using constraints. I.E. wheels and motors.

I don’t want my trains to have any physics to avoid derailing. Because the law of physics isn’t same as in Roblox Engine.


Both are really good ways to use, it depends on your personal taste.