What is "BruteForceAllSlow" in RaycastParams

Today I found that a new property was integrated into the RaycastParams, it’s called “BruteForceAllSlow” but there is no documentation about it


Where did you find mention of this? Because there is no mention of it on the DevHub and even the linter, when strict typing is on, complains about it:

Edit: Misspelled the member name, but still, the same thing occurs


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I’m assuming it’s a beta feature you may have accidentally gotten access to early as there is no documentation of it or mention of it on the forums anywhere.


Yeah, there is no devforum posts about it, I searched through the release notes but there is nothing, the beta features do not mention it

i’m special :blush:


Looks like it’s popped up again:

No description to be found.


Its mentioned on the WorldRoot:Raycast() page in the RaycastParams section, though theres still no description of it. The initialization shows that BruteForceAllSlow defaults to false, which is a good thing to know I guess.

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It popped up for me too, I did a bit of research and apparently, no one had talked about it but a few, and there wasn’t really an explanation however I found an article talking about it however for other versions of LUA, I think it skips/leaves/destroys all of the slow raycasts or something within raycasting and picks the best/fastest ones It may be the results also or the slow raycasts, which also explains why they had it as false automatically. (Probably)

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Roblox optimizes raycasts by only testing parts that might overlap the ray. BruteForceAllSlow sounds like it would check every part in the game, hence the name Slow.