What is causing my game to fail for monetization & playtime?

I am not the best with formatting, and hopefully there is enough information here to give proper feedback, feel free to comment if there is anything else I can add to the post!

Game link here!
Mind Simulator

My team and I recently released our game Mind Simulator, and while I understand the Simulator is oversaturated, I am a bit lost on what things are lacking and would like some feedback from you guys.

What makes our Simulator different?

  • The goofy looking pet design
  • The telekinesis animation
  • The use of highlights on our “locked” objects to show mini progression inside of
    each zone the user progresses to

Current like/dislike ratio is 94%

Our issues

Peak Concurrent Players: 30 while running the 15k sponsor

Playtime, our goal is 8+ minutes on Mobile, and 14+ minutes on PC

Current Playtime:

  • Mobile: 5.96 minutes over 1,110 sessions
  • Desktop: 9.21 minutes over 2,355 sessions

Monetization, our goal was to make our money back on sponsors

Sponsor Stats

What we have tried

  • Emailing many youtubers with their own code to use, in hopes of better advertising
  • Fixing bugs on mobile
  • Making mobile easier to play our game with bigger/easier to use UI
  • Adding in enticing playtime rewards to increase retention
  • Adding notifications to the buttons, which also applies to the robux shop, and bundles menu to
    encourage the user to open these menus
  • Using some cheaper gamepasses or dev products to encourage first time purchase

My ideas for what might help

  • Adding in a pet index so players have more reason to stay and collect them (big part of the game)
  • Expanding the zone doors and making them less transparent to emphasize the next level is cool and giving the player something to look forward to

How you can help out :slight_smile:
I think there is only so many things I can think of myself to improve on the game, so having other brains to help find issues is super helpful.

  • How can we improve the monetization that is in game currently, and actually get the user to purchase these?
  • How can we improve the current playtime, based on your experience personally playing the game? Was it worth your time as it is, or is there things that are missing that would have kept you wanting to play longer?

Sorry that I don’t have time to play the game, but I’ll tell you something.
Nobody, nobody ever makes the budget back with their new game’s advertising campaign. Do not expect such results!
Another thing is that, your desktop sponsorship results are absolutely crap, please do not continue, but mobile and mixed is possible, however, make the thumbnail better, since CPP is a lot higher than CPC.

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Make your ads brightly colored to draw the attention of your audience, or maybe add a play now button. Nobody really clicks on ads unless they’re unique, fill a niche, or look interesting.