What is causing this levitation thing to happen? (See Image)

I’m having some issues on a map I made for a game with the wall trim. For some reason, when a character walks up to and stands right next to a wall while facing it, this weird levitation thing occurs and I’m not sure what causes it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Seems you have a union issue… is there a union in the immediate area?

Also is the floor a mesh? If so set its collisionfidelity to preciseconvexdecomposition.

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I do not have any unions or meshes, just parts.

Then must be a transparent part… only happens in this hallway against this particular wall?

It’s happening with all walls like this. There aren’t any transparent parts either, so I’m starting to think it’s most likely an engine bug that roblox needs to fix.

Does it happen on the reverse side of this wall?

Edit: move this hall to an empty baseplate and test it.

Yep, it’s happening there as well. I looked at another map that wasn’t created by me and found similar issues, so I’m starting to think that this is a roblox bug. I tried extending the floor under the wall trim part and that seems to have fixed it, but I shouldn’t have had to do that.

Does the other map use the same hallway?

And is this in game or studio or both?

Edit: sorry this is the only way to troubleshoot without messing with your file.

Not sure what is causing your problem due to little context, however here is a solution:


By changing the Humanoid hip height, you can change how far/close from the ground the player can be standing on (default hip height should be 2 as that is how far the character’s rootpart is from the ground).

Creating a Script under StarterPlayer > StarterCharacterScripts, you can insert this code. Though fairly simple, it should get the job done. You may want to decrease the hip height a bit to your liking in your scenario.

local Character = script.Parent


script.Parent.Humanoid.HipHeight = 1.8 -- how far/close from the ground the torso (technically humanoidrootpart) is from the ground

^^^ but this problem only occurs when you go near the wall… so


Make the trim CanCollide false (off).

All Parts in your place that don’t need to be interacted with should be CanCollide false.
I’m pretty sure it’s trying to treat the trim as a ladder.


Your humanoid is close to the top surface of the trim part, so Roblox is treating it like stairs, it’ll start to levitate you a tiny amount as you get close to making the step-up smoother, otherwise, it would be jittery. To get around this, just make sure to turn off collisions on parts you don’t want players to step on. I hope this explained it well to you : D

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Thanks for the help everyone, I appreciate it!

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So you had to change the HumanoidHipHeight with a script when you are close to a wall???

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