What is considered "manipulating the purchasing system by attempting to force clicking on purchasing options"?

I’ve released a short simple game yesterday and sponsored over 100k+ to reach over 2,000 concurrent playing and minutes later, my game got taken down & has been flagged for “manipulating the purchasing system by attempting to force clicking on purchasing options” - later on getting this private message from Roblox themselves:

Why did this happen? Assuming that it’s the UI since they stated that it’s in “attempt to force clicking on purchase options”, my UI on every single platform such as Tablet, Console, Phone, PC has the UI scaled properly and doesn’t interfere or intersect with Roblox’s core UI. The 100k+ I sponsored went to complete waste prior to my game being taken down minutes later. Many other games also have the same UIs as me and still have a bunch of concurrent players playing which confuses me as to why this happened.

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Hey danielaity,

Just going to straight up declare that its very hard for me to comment on your suspension due to me not actually knowing what your game is like. It technically isn’t an “issue” as you have supposedly violated the Terms of Service and so its a “violation”.

According to the message you were “attempting to force clicking on purchasing options” which you should take literally. As stated you don’t “design your purchase windows to appear on unrelated game actions or to try to force users to accidentally click (or tap if your on a mobile / tablet) on them”. You should analyse your game and see if this is the case.

At this point it is common sense in my opinion - you have either done it (and it should be obvious or somewhat clear why they warned you for it) or you haven’t and you can email appeals@roblox.com in order to contest or apply for your game to be reopened.

I’d recommend going through your game and finding out why first, if you cannot find out why then I would email Roblox and simply ask what is wrong and why, I can’t go “this is your issue” as I have never played your game and as such don’t know what could be considered to be violating the terms of service. I’ve had moderations which don’t make sense before and when emailing them they weren’t helpful so I hope you get better luck (supposedly my logos have hidden text, they dont).

Hope its all resolved soon :pray:

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I’m aware that I haven’t shown any examples or content from my game itself however the game is completely similar to many other games on Roblox with the same UI & concept-ish which got me all confused & lead me to go onto here seeing that there’s a support for UI designs & such

I’ve e-mailed appeals@roblox.com asking what caused my game to get taken down for product manipulation - just wish that the response time would be faster since my sponsor & stuff but patience is the key.

I think it might be something about the scripts within the purchasing or generally the UI design resembling a click-bait. Could have been misleading factors of the buttons.

Perhaps showing a little about the UI first, then we can possibly reach a conclusion of why your game was taken down.

Sponsored for Tablet, same aspect ratio for every other platform

Out of curiosity, if you touch a button does it ever flag an unrelated or unnecessary purchase?

An example is:

Button to spawn a car, flags a purchase to upgrade to a tank.
The buttons purpose is to spawn a car - if I wanted a tank I would have brought one initially.