What is considered "on-topic" in scripting support?

This is actually very common, but people often use scripting support as a place to get help with studio itself (for example “studio won’t load my game” or “I lost my script progress”) and these posts are never flagged.

So what is allowed regarding studio?

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I mean just scripting questions or problems. Stuff like

Is off topic, don’t quote me though.


Quote from the " About the Scripting Support category"
Essentially, if you need help with something in lua, it goes in here. If you need help with something about studio, like “My scripts didn’t save”, it doesn’t go in there.


Adding onto that; if you see those posts then flag them!

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In Scripting Support, only post that request help for debugging code are allowed, yet many people create posts in this category to ask for scripts, and make a post about scripts, but not scripting, like the “I lost my script progress” example you made.

So short answer, only posts that are made to get help debugging scripts are on-topic.

For anything that is not linked to the content inside a script game design support serves as ‘miscellaneous’ for your other needs, although if your. a regular then I would suggest lounge, or if you wish to discuss potentieal solutions maybe discussion.

I would say that, generally speaking, if the post lacks a code snippet/segment or a piece of the output it’s off-topic. The exception to that are conceptual questions like “How might I go about…”

Gonna bump because I still see questions regarding studio, and even questions about configuring game settings from the Roblox website. So far I’ve been flagging them but the questions seem to be reasonable. What if we got a studio support/website support category? I think asking about studio itself or website itself is reasonable but there is no category for that. I also want a bit more input now. Especially from a PA/sage+