What Is CoreGui?

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What is coregui? I have seen it being used a lot.

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It’s just the Roblox UI.
Has things like the In-game menu, Top Bar, etc.

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It’s basically a place to store gui’s that are by the system. It’s also used for plugins to create ui’s.
i am bad at explaining.

CoreGUI represents the Roblox GUIs (like player tab, health, etc)
You can enable/disable CoreGUIs by using game.StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled()
For more information read: CoreGui

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Looking briefly at the reference, CoreGui is basically the default ROBLOX UI (Playerlist, Backpack, etc) that all games use

Visual Example:


Oh, where is core gui stores? Can I access core gui on the server and client? And is it possible to edit core gui??

You can’t edit the Core GUI directly in a live game because of lack of sufficient permissions and for the same reason, you can’t access it.

You can’t access it on the server, nor the client


You could enable/disable it’s specific UI objects using the SetCoreGuiEnabled() function provided by the StarterGui service


coreGui is just robloxs custom gui like the chat or reset button

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Core GUI is where all ROBLOXUI sits, players, topbar, leaderboard. Sometimes exploit ui also gets there too.
You cannot edit or remove what is in the core GUI, but you can disable things provided with the API.

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I personally think that CoreGui is like the default basic UI on Roblox. For example, instead of making your own health gui, you can just use the default Roblox gui. And if you don’t want the default Roblox gui then just disable it.

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it’s basically the ui parts of roblox games that are built-in and you can’t really change much, for example:
topbar, leaderboard, purchase prompts, disconnected interface, menu interface etc.

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CoreGui stores Roblox GUI, like the chat and leaderboard. Aslo used by studio plugins to display GUIs without the use of widgets.

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The Core Gui is the Gui Built-In made by Roblox For Example:

  • Chat

  • Leaderboard

  • The Topbar

  • Emotes Menu

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You cannot touch the CoreGui unless you are using an exploit. (Touch meaning mess with things inside of it).

What does this mean?

Like, I’ve seen people talk abt it a lot.

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