What is Cost Per Play?


I am looking at sponsoring my Roblox experience, however I am unsure what “Cost Per Play” is? I have tried looking around for some good answers but I cant seem to find any. What exactly does this setting do? Is this something that takes money away from me?

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@DaltonTheDev It means cost per (Advert played on someone’s screen) so you can use ad credits to start an ad campaign, hope this helps!

(Rlly sorry if smthn doesn’t make sense as I have never advertised In my life lol)


So im having to pay for each time it is even shown to someone?

Nope…I’m pretty sure you have to spend a good amount once…it depends the higher the amount=more likely impressions:)

Did you get it? (Feel free 2 ask questions)

So why am I having to pay an amount for each play I get vs just spending money in general once

I dont get it sorry…could you please specify?

So the specific feature I am talking about is called Cost Per Play, there is a set amount of money you can put into a sponsorship, and then there is this. This appears to be a system where if a player plays your game, it takes X amount of money from total ad revenue.

Im pretty sure its supposed to be something that gives roblox credit for sponsoring your game and increasing reach

From: Ads Manager | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

“Play” refers to ~1000 impressions

nvm, I think it literally refers to someone opening up your game. It looks like Roblox calculates an “effective CPM” based on your ad’s impression-to-visit performance. It’s not really clear from the docs or in the Ads Manager…

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Yea now you see why I am super confused too. Super weird terminology and it isn’t explained well at all. Like I know there is a think for people seeing your ads, but from I can tell it appears you have to pay for each play you get essentially too. Person who pays more per a play gets their ad shown more too? Again super confusing and I could be wrong about this.