What is delta time

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    What is delta time
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    I just want a clear explanation
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The Roblox developer API is a great resource,
Delta time is mainly used in RunService

Delta-time is a measure of the difference between frame timings.

So if you were to have a RenderStepped function your delta-time would be equal to the time between the current frame and the previous frame. This is useful for calculations that are dependent on the client’s framerate.

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I read it but I couldn’t completely understand

deltatime means change in time. in this scenario it means how much time it took to go from the previous frame to the current frame.

Delta just means “the difference between”. So delta time would refer to the amount of time that’s passed since some event. In the context of running code on every frame, for example, delta time refers to how much time has passed since the previous frame.


Based on my experience on using delta time on other coding languages, it’s when you have something running on the same speed no matter the framerate. (I could be wrong though.)

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