What is FireAllClients()

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I am curious on what FireAllClients() is. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve looked through roblox documentation - but that’s always confusing. Can I just get a rundown of what it is and how it is useful? In addition, can somebody tell me how to differentiate when it is best to use FireClient() and FireAllClients().

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FireClient() will fire to the specific player with the first parameter as the player you want to fire it to and FireAllClients() will fire to every client within the game.


I get what you are saying, but what other clients are you talking about? Players? I’m not very well acquainted with FireAllClients(). Plus, what arguments would you be passing through in FireClient()

FireClient()'s first parameter is the player and any other stuff you want to send along with it:

FireClient(Player, ...)

FireAllClients() means it will fire to every player (also known as clients) in the game.

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Thanks for the clarification. Now with that knowledge, how would I be able to differentiate when to be able to use them. Not necessarily as a, ‘set and stone’ rule, but just a way to know the difference.

This is where this documentation comes in handy:

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Here’s some handy, extremely well-drawn diagrams on how both methods work


Very well-drawn. Thank you both for the help, I will come back to this thread if I need anymore assistance on the following. Thanks again.

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