What is going on with Roblox support tickets?

Hey guys, recently I’ve opened a support ticket.
The man / woman told me they are reviewing my request and follow up within 24 hours
what never happened.
Roblox should do something about their support,
what do you think?


I don’t think this is pretty much “new” for players who had some experience with Roblox’s Customer Support.

It can take (an extraordinarily prolonged) time to get an issue resolved, so I think the best thing would be being patient and waiting for a response.

The best solution is to wait. literally…


Did you hear back yet? Roblox told me the same thing yesterday after waiting THREE months to get a issue resolved. . They should not give their customers an estimated time then not fulfill it.


someone told me to wait because they need to verify I own the account.
still waiting

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It usually take them around 30 min to 3 hours for them to answer me, but my Costumer Ticket has currently been on for 48+ hours, your not the only one…

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My friend recently got banned on his main account for a unreasonable moderation claim due to uploading his own-made audio. He got banned for about an entire day which he also attempted to contact the support about that claim. After his account got the access back from the ban, the ticket hasn’t responded until later claiming a response in a automated explanation, as usual.

It is honestly dissapointing that the Roblox support has not helped a huge overall of users which feels kind of pointless to have a support that cannot aid your claims and aid your problems which you provide high detail and precise information while all they say is a automated message as a result.

I’ve attempted very many times to provide a claim about my lost account and they’ve never attempted to somehow aid me in the problem whatsoever and instead all I’ve been gaining was a same literal response without a different change of the situation but always resulting to end up ignored.

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Yeah unfortunately Roblox support has been dreadful for years now, nothing you can do except wait.

From a personal experience, it once took them about 5 weeks to reply to my ticket and by the time they’d replied I couldn’t even remember why I emailed them in the first place.