What is good practice for making/working up to making UGC Items?

Recently, I made a topic to see if my UGC Concept/Application would be able to get into the UGC going off of Users in the community, what I saw mostly was “You may need to practice more on your modeling skills before applying to UGC” And I thought that was true, so I thought I would make this topic because it could help me and other users work our way up into getting into the UGC Program.

Please leave any tips below.


Think of things that would appear in the catalog (e.g. a Wizard hat, possibly make a twist to it)
or things that people would want to buy (e.g. a cool back accessory, like a weapon)


For working your way up into anything in life, I partially believe the statement “practice makes perfect”. I say partially because “perfect” is unrealistic and is a hurtful mindset. Practice over time in a quality environment with effective teachings makes you better at what you wish to get better at. That’s a little wordy though.

I’d say spend at least 10 minutes a day modeling something. One day you could follow a tutorial on YouTube. Another could be trying to recreate something in real life like your room or something. Random idea generators, emulating a style or model you see, timed challenges like modeling an object for an hour, etc.

You also don’t want to burn yourself out as a creator. Might be weird advice, but it’s a good reminder to think of water, posture, and getting outside every now and then.


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