What is happening, why is it so dark in this area?

I really don’t have nothing to explain really, but I’m wondering why is it so dark in this area?

What is causing this?

Its probably an awkward union, meaning the collisions and the geometry of a particular union were generated in a weird way causing the engine to create shading there because it thinks there is visible part geometry in that area.

To fix this, try looking for the union and separating it, you should see it promptly go away.


Thank you for your feedback. Will attempt using this and see if it works!

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Cast shadow, Union a bit broken, or the lighting is a bit buggy. Those are all problems I’ve run into and so far have fixed once I’ve found them out. I’d say separate the union (if it’s a union) then, delete and undo or replace the part then union again, worked for me. Cast Shadow property just spam on and off and it should fix if that’s the case. Lighting, I’d say just transfer everything in that place to a new one and it should fix it. I haven’t found a true fix for lighting issues yet.

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It’s probably because cast shadow is on, but if you can’t fix it just add some invisible blocks that give off light.