What is happening with my terrain?

Hello, I am trying to create a large 4000x4000 terrain and this is what I made it using drawing it in photoshop then importing into studio. However, I used a 512 by 512 heightmap and it looks all pointy and glitched out. I’m not sure if I have to redo all my hard work or if something is still salvagable. Thank you for any help in advance.

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What’s happening here is the Y-Coordinate scale is set too high when converting from image to terrain. Try lowering it and trying again.

Damn I already made all of my post changes. Any way to do this without redoing it? I already edited the terrain.

Unfortunately, no. You’re going to have to re-insert the terrain.

Yeah. Guess I gotta bite the bullet. Well, when I lowered the terrain then it didn’t make that dramatic mountain effect that I wanted.

Roblox isn’t too good with mountains that aren’t hand-made. Try playing around with the settings a bit. If that doesn’t work, you can either make a new height map that has much more dramatic mountains (, or you could stick with a more spiked-mountain look. Of course you could always just hand-make the terrain too.

Hmm… The thing that I wasn’t liking was the holes in the terrain. I am fine with spikes but the holes I cannot stand. Is there any console script that can autofix that?

Not that I’m aware of. My best guess is that Roblox Studio is looking at parts of the height map you made as areas without terrain, or areas with terrain that is too low to be created.

Hmmm. I think a console script should be able to fix this. I will contact a scripter…
This is what I am not liking:

Yes, I see. I still think it’s a height map issue or even a bug in studio. Console scripts could possibly help, however I don’t think using one would fix the problem entirely. Do these holes occur when you set the Y-coordinate to something lower?

They are still there but in less quantity.

Then it’s likely an issue with Roblox Studio picking up the heights of points on your height map, either thinking that the points are too high or too low. Is it possible to provide a picture of the height map here?

Ok. Here is the heightmap…

It looks like the parts that have turned into holes are the points on the map that are pure white. Perhaps try lowing the image’s brightness by a few pixels?

Hmm. That seems like a good idea…

I tried that and it did not fix the holes in the terrain.

Maybe I could develop a plugin that fixes this with help of somebody who knows terrain and coding like @FxllenCode and @M_caw

Interesting. I’m pretty sure that Studio just cannot handle the difference between terrain levels, so maybe try lowering the brightness of the colors in the white areas only? If that doesn’t work, I believe I cannot help from here on out and someone with more experience with height maps or studio-related bugs can help. Good luck.