What is King's Towers of Hell?

What is King’s Towers of Hell?

King’s Towers of Hell are a fun obby game which is like Jupiter’s Towers of Hecc (JToH)

Is King’s Towers of Hell a copy of Tower of Hell and JToH?

No, King’s Towers of Hell is not a copy of ToH and JToH. It is inspired from those games. All stages are completely different in many ways. All stages are made from scratch and are not ripped out of JToH or ToH.

King’s Towers of Hell FAQ

Who is the owner of King’s Towers of Hell?

KingofRoblox_60 formally known as kingofmindcraf is the owner of King’s Towers of Hell.

When was King’s Towers of Hell created?

King’s Towers of Hell were created in 2020. If you want to know the exact date that it was created on, you can find that here

Can you friend me?

No, I can’t friend people I just met because of roblox’s friends limit.

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