What is MessageBusService?

Please clearly describe what this service does, also describe its methods and how they work.

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Instead of no one answering you properly since we are not Roblox Engineers I’ll link you this page and you will see for yourself what this service is. If you were to use Google before asking as a proper path to information, you would’ve found it by now.


At first it was a troll because I have no idea what MessageBusService is

also It is only accessible by CoreScripts but people somehow managed to use it to detect exploits like Synapse X but it’s patched, also you can’t use it

Thanks for the answer, I didn’t find this post.

its for calling school bus driver after you woke up late

nah im just kidding

its used for CoreScripts and detecting most exploits like Celery and synapse x (that detection is patched on synapse x but i dont know about Celery it might still work)