What is missing from my game?

players get bored, and although with advertising I have managed to get about 50 players, I have enough visitors to have many more, the game is simple, farm and level up the tools, unlock new areas and so on. There is something that I can not see impartially and I would appreciate that someone plays it for a few minutes and give me your opinion.


Well, the first thing I observe when joining the game is the Unpolished and oversized UI. The player doesn’t need to be bombarded with buttons at all times. Make for example ImageButtons or a menu of more categories than throwing them all on screen at once. It’s the same for the inventory. Text. It’s not visually appealing wich is bad for a first impression. (This is what I think now the first minute I enter the game might edit later on with issues), I clicked how to play again and saw grammar issue “Go to a furniture and buy it”, wich come on, It’s either “Go to furniture and buy it” or “Go to a piece of furniture and buy it”.
The music feels Repetitive maybe a script that changes the music every time it ends? Idk
Is the mining sound really neccesarry to be played everywhere? You could put the sound inside the tool and make it play at a certain distance.

The game overall has potential, but it needs… More polishing.
A lot more.

The reason you got 25 dislikes I think is because even if you put that tutorial, there are so many things on screen the player doesn’t know what to do when they first join. That will lead to much confusion, but same goes for overly complicated simulators soo…

I have the same thoughts after I make a game, I feel like I’m missing something, but in the end I was either to lazy to make the things that could make the game a masterpiece or I totally got lost.

Hope I helped!


It has potential, but it’s not that polished. The UI is cluttered, and the music feels repetitive. Good start, but needs to be polished a bit.

I hopped on for a few minutes.

Firstly, game graphics and gameplay loop seems pretty fun.

Critique, the axe is very similar. If not the same as Lumber Tycoon 2? With the shop models, looking like recolours.

The GUI is also pretty standard, it could be more stylised to improve player retention and interest. I didn’t end up playing long enough to visit other zones, but maybe open up multiple zones in the spawn area? Could lead to more player choices.