What is Performance Filtering and how do I use it?

I always see this, but the link leads to a dead wiki and when I search the developer hub I can’t find anything on this. Is anyone able to explain this to me so I can use it in my game?


I don’t think that this is enough for Discussion. :slight_smile:
There’s already a bug report for this:

I know about the bug report but how can I actually use this to my benefit? I’m asking the community since the wiki page is broken.

It’s a statistic to help you see how often your game is crashing on different devices.

Specifically, this will show how often your game is crashing on these devices. This is important because we use this same information to filter our mobile game sorts. If a game is crashing too much on a particular device, we will hide that game from sorts on that device until the game has been updated. This is to ensure that players have the best experience possible on the device they are using.

We hope this information will help you identify problems in your games, and allow you to strategically optimize for mobile experience.

You can better identify problems that are device specific, and see if your game is getting hidden because it’s crashing too much.

Indeed, good job.

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So if my game is on mobile, but I’m still seeing this

with no specific devices listed, it means I’m doing good and player devices aren’t crashing? I can’t seem to find any explicit way to enable this anywhere.

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I’ve moved this out of Discussion since it’s a specific question, not a broad subject.

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