What is PromptSubscriptionPurchase used for?

Hello, MarketplaceService has the methods PromptSubscriptionPurchase(player, subscriptionId), PromptSubscriptionCancellation(player, subscriptionId), and IsPlayerSubscribed(player, subscriptionId); however, I couldn’t find any further information in the docs. Do they enable recurring payments of Robux? How would I go about creating a subscription service?

I suspect neither of those are implemented. AFAIK, there’s no official subscription system in Roblox as of writing this

Yeah, it seems they’re just placeholders, but I can see how recurring payments could raise problems, especially for younger players.

Here is something about it

Will they add a monthly payment for an object in an experience? that would be interesting

That post was over 2 years ago, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much :smiley: .

Although they might not, they could have done a lot with it.