What is "request" in Roblox API docs? (for HTTP POST)

I’m trying out the POST of HTTP but for anything requires authentication you need “request”. How do I get it?

Extra: If you have proxy, can you just use POST ingame instead of using external platform like Discord?

This refers to the body of the request, as you can see from the Parameter Type. You can also see the “Example Value” which shows you an example of data you can pass as the request body. Clicking on that will set the body to this:

  "ctype": "Email",
  "cvalue": "string",
  "password": "string",
  "securityQuestionSessionId": "string",
  "securityQuestionRedemptionToken": "string",
  "captchaId": "string",
  "captchaToken": "string",
  "captchaProvider": "string"

Frankly speaking, if you want to login in a roblox account(for example when you are making a bot) you do not have to use this endpoint. More simply, you can just send the .ROBLOSECURITY cookie(You will also need the xcsrf token, which you can obtain by sending a request to the endpoint you want to use with the .ROBLOXSECURITY cookie as it will return a x-csrf-token header). In addition, you can access all Roblox API’s as long as you have the cookie and X-CSRF-TOKEN.

Yes I think you can