What is Roblox's main demographic learning?

Roblox really could theoretically be the ultimate classroom. I’d love to attempt to make an educational experience, but only if it’s actually used. The title basically summarizes my question.

What’re Robloxieans learning in Math? English? Chemistry? Biology? Astronomy? Physics? etc.
What are subjects that would make good educational experiences?


First of all, what age/grade demographic?

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The target demographic for roblox is users from 7-18, but most of players are 7-14. Well, they’re definitely learning math, chemistry and physics come in grade 7-8 (Ages 12-14), at least in my country. Biology is from 5th grade (ages 10-11). Astronomy? There’s no way it’s in elementary school, probably not even in high school. I think you get astronomy once you’re after high school, which means universities, colleges etc. (from 18 yrs. of age).

If you’re making an experience for learning subjects, please, have in mind the fact that you’ll need to make exercises for all age groups / grades. I don’t think you’d teach 1st graders the Pythagorean theorem, would you?


Educators mainly use ROBLOX for an interactive, safe space on the platform to teach children different things while playing games. Such as; online safety, maths, coding (simply lua) & creativity. You shouldn’t design games for specific age groups when it comes down to the Roblox Learning implementation in my opinion. Educators are highly likely to play games in the classroom/online that have a variety of things to complete.

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Great question actually!

So we’re currently looking to provide more solid information to devs so they can make more information choices on what to develop. In the mean time, I can point out the following:

General Demographics

  • When it comes to ages, the middle - high school demographics are recommended.
  • Specific subjects are a bit tricky, but we do have some advice on how to make your work appealing to educators.

Tips for Deciding Content
Figure out what you’re passionate about and can teach/develop. Then, based off that - try and connect it to a real-life standard that educators use. In schools, teachers need content that addresses a certain standard.

For example, a common science standard is NGSS. You can actually search through standards for different grades and see exactly what teachers will want/need to teach. So for instance, you can find a standard on cell biology for middle schoolers - and use that as a basis for a simulator-style game where you play as a single-celled organism.

We’re hoping to provide some more information in the future, but hopefully this helps! Also, always glad to offer more support if you have more questions.


I would maybe aim for CS (Computer Science!). Roblox is a perfect platform for that!


hmmm im sure i remember hearing a squared plus b squared = c squared in first grade…

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Yeah but they’re not learning it, they won’t need it in 1st grade, obviously.