What is RotationCurveKey

Just like the title says, what is RotationCurveKey? ive read the roblox topic for it and im not getting it, if possible i need visual examples , also i wanna know more alot of ui tricks , Appreciated.

I’m unaware of the API as well. You should try reading RotationCurve:
RotationCurve | Roblox Creator Documentation

RotationCurveKey does not have its own documentation; are you referring to RotationCurve?

It seems to be the same as Keyframe in KeyframeSequence or ColorSequenceKeypoint in ColorSequence, it holds information about a specific point in a sequence(curve?).

I don’t think this can be even used for ui,

It’s only for 3d rotation (CFrame)

Edit: oops I meant to reply to the post

Alright, where is this datatype used?

The first thing that comes to my mind: the animation editor.

what is that? like what its going to achieve? im kinda curious

does it achieve the same thing as default holding ProximityPrompt? like the loading bar that wraps around the letter “E” when you hold the keycode for proximityprompt

I’m not sure. I’ve never seen this data type used anywhere.