What is that type of story game logo's background called?

I have found many story game’s logo have this background but don’t know what it is called. I will put some examples here.

I think you guys now understand what I’m talking about. I am only looking for the background, not the logo. I’ve tried to reverse image search these images in hopes that the name will appear some how, but with no luck. I’ve decided to ask you developers for the name if there even is one. Thank you if you can reply and might help me out.


Search up “2012 meme background” and you’ll find some examples there


Yes thank you! Can’t believed is called a meme background though lol :laughing:

there is probably a real name for it but thats what comes to mind

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I believe you can make it yourself in paint . net.

Pretty sure its actually “Sunburst” effect, you can find tutorials of doing it on youtube as well (Misspelled it but still):



Yea I know but I just wanted to know the name because one of my friends need it and they’re on mobile.