What is the advantage of making animations in Blender verses Roblox Studio?

I’m trying to make more realistic animations for my game.
Is there a reason some people use Blender instead of Roblox Studio?
I’ve seen some pretty fluid animations made in Blender.


Well, you just said it yourself. I’ve not used Blender myself, but my animator has done, and there’s inverse kinematics there amongst other useful animation tools (more than the roblox animation editor has to offer).


Ok cool, I guess I’ll check it out then.


In my opinion it feels more alive and smoother but I don’t know about anyone else.

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Blender’s default easing style, and others along with the more advanced and premium tool sets open a wide range of possibilities and options that Roblox sometimes can’t do.

However, I personally find it better to use both Roblox Studio and Blender, both have unique advantages in my opinion.