What is the best method to replicate changes made to a Weld's C1 property from client?


I’m trying to make a system where you can move an object using WASD and Rotate it using Q-E. The entire movement part is being done on the client to keep things smooth.

The object is welded to the platform as the platform is not anchored and will be moving. So I am using welds to move and rotate the object. How can I replicate the position/rotation changes to all clients in the game without firing the remote constantly with the new CFrame values?

So, what would be the best method to update all clients smoothly while keeping the position and orientation accurate?

I have attached a gif of what I am trying to achieve.


Your client fires a remote event, from which the request is taken by a server script which fires the same event to every other client except the sender.
The clients now set the CFrame of that part based off the data you send with the remote event

Yeah, but that means I have to fire a remote on every change with the CFrame values of every single part that is on the platform. I am trying to avoid that.

Isnt there like a limit on how many times I can fire and how much data I can send per sec?

My man network replication doesn’t work with magic, it literally sends data to the network at every frame

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