What is the best model building app to use

I was wanting to know what is the best app to build models for Roblox. I’ve heard of blender before but i was wanting to know if there was any other ones you know that you recommend and the differences in each app from each other.


If you’re poor and unwilling to shell out copious amounts of cash while at the same time able to use the models you create for commercial purposes as well, use Blender.

If you’re able to shell out a lot of money and want an “easier” time 3D modeling (So I’ve heard), use Maya. If you aren’t able to pay for Maya but you’re in school, get a Student License however you won’t be able to make any money with the model that you create at risk for potential legal consequences.

There’s also Cinema4D but I’m not familiar with that program. You may have to pay for a license as well.

I personally use Blender.


There isn’t a best modeling software there are variety of different selections to choose from. (Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini Autodesk Maya, ect).

It quite depends on what software you feel comfortable with. If you are just starting out i’ll try experimenting with variety of software. Blender is a beginner software to start with since it’s free, and there are tons of tutorials and articles online describing how to use it. C4D cost money with different options in the subscription cost, while blender is open source.

I personally think it’s not hard to learn if you put the time into learning that software. You can use whatever software different programs sort of produce similar results depending on what your using it for. Start with a program your comfortable into learning instead of using commercial software.

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Blender is my go to. It’s Free, Easy to understand, and used by almost everyone. Heck you can even animate using it. It’s really easy to understand.