What Is The Best Rain Effect Using Roblox's New Atmosphere Object?

Hello today i found out about the Atmosphere effect and was wondering what was the best effects for dark rainy weather.

I use dark-bluish colors for the Decay and Color (Decay matters the most) for my night settings. In my game, when it starts raining/snowing at night, it looks really good.

Otherwise if it’s in the day, gray fog and an infinite cloud (handled by my weather system) does the trick. It also mixes well with my afternoon settings, which look like this:

I also have some settings for the morning too. If you’re using day/night cycles, I recommend lerping through 3 different pairs of Color and Decay settings (one for morning, afternoon, and night). That’s what I do, at least


Nice effects and tips, i was also wondering what settings in Atmosphere are good for a rain effect.

I guess you could use a Rain Plugin that BuildThomas made for Egg Hunt 2018, I tried it myself, and it looks great with the Atmosphere update. I’ll provide some links to it!

Link: https://www.roblox.com/library/2166774609/Rain-Plugin
Link to thread: Rain Module + Plugin

i already have rain, i use that, but was wondering the best settings for Atmosphere for rain

Just go in studio and mess around with the settings until you find something that looks good.