What is the best size for good quality images?

This is a problem that I’m scared of when I’m going to do a game. I don’t know what is the perfect size of images to have a good quality in every device, including XBOX and more.

I want to stop being scared at this problem having a solution to it, I would be very pleased if you could tell me what is the perfect size to have a good quality image and what recommendations you give me when I’m going to do images for my game.


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The ratios for icons are 1x1 and for thumbnails is 16x9. Maximum size is 512x512 for icons and 1920x1080 for thumbnails and other decals. Anything larger will be compressed, and anything smaller will be more blurry. This way the images looks nice over every platform.
Hope i have helped :slight_smile:


So like, for example if I want to make a square of wood, do I have to use 16x9 or 512x512?

It would depend upon how big and clear ur square would be, but i feel a 512x512 would be perfect

Okay! I will try doing it then, thank you so much!