What is the best type of simulator to make?

Hello, I am making a simulator. Finished most of the things but how you will get money and things like that are not finished! I don’t know what type to make! Here are screen shots!

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Usually I know what my game is about before I start building the map…


I was making a like grass simulator but then I was like nah so Im like this now.

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Considering you’ve mixed low poly with parts & free models, it is clear you don’t have a clear idea on what you want this game to be.

We cannot tell you what to make your game. Consider looking at my post from a while ago.

Personally, I’d say the best type of simulator is an actual simulator, and not a clicker game.

The best type of clicker game to make is any, since they’re all literally the same thing, just with different themes.

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A simulator that requires you to think about the steps you need to take to reach a certain goal, be original, not lazy. Don’t force users to pay for microtransactions unless its an option. These are just some of my tips.

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If they all generally have the same theme and are in the same category of a click, sell, repeat scheme, I wouldn’t go with that since it’s so mainstream in the world of simulators and go with what you said: an actual simulator.

Why are they called simulators when all you really do is:

  1. Do something
  2. Fill backpack
  3. Sell
  4. Repeat (rebirth)

That’s not a simulator, really. It’s just a repeating cycle of upgrading your in game items until you need to rebirth: doing the same cycle with a multiplier.
Compared to other real simulators like Vehicle Simulator and Pilot Flight Training simulator, you actually can simulate driving/flying a vehicle. You don’t fill your backpack with vehicles and sell them for better clicking tools.

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The term “simulator game” is really just Roblox slang for clicker games. It’s a bit disappointing that a title like “x simulator” doesn’t actually imply “simulation of x” (because genuine simulation games are awesome), but that’s just how it is. As such, I’m just going to focus on how to make a good clicker game.

There isn’t really a best type since the biggest difference between them is just what your game is about. The best advice I can give is to just make a game that makes the players’ dopamine recepters go brrrrr:

  • Don’t implement safeguards against auto-clickers. Exponential growth in both the player’s income and the prices of upgrades is where most of the fun comes from, so at a certain point, they’re basically going to be required in order for growth to continue.
  • Make the game rewarding enough that users will still want to play it for hours even if they never plan on spending a single Robux. Only a small fraction of players of any game are likely to spend Robux either way, so you want to keep the retention of the players who just want to have a fun free-to-play experience.
  • Think about what makes your game unique. The games page is already more than flooded with “simulator games” and the vast majority of them are ones that never became popular because they didn’t offer their players anything special. Don’t just try to ride a trend or think of something that kids are into. You can make your game unique by having a different gameplay mechanic, by having a charming art style, or really just anything that makes the experience more fun.
  • Don’t think of it as just a quick and easy way to get a game published. Be ambitious. Have a period of development where you’re just planning it out, thinking about what assets you want to use and how you’re going to make them. Make it a passion project and have fun with it!

I hope this is helpful!