What is the best way to add invisible walls to a map?

Hello developers! WEcompany here! I am currently doing my least favorite thing in Roblox which is, add invisible walls. Is there a way to add invisible walls quicker than adding a part, anchoring it, and transparanting it? Thanks, WE


You can just make one and duplicate it.


Other than using free models no. At least I don’t think so. But that totally should be a feature in roblox studio

I am already doing it, and that takes a while because I need to scale and rotate it.

What do you mean it takes a while? Scaling is just dragging the balls via the Scale tool. Rotating is either pressing the hotkeys or dragging the circles via the Rotate tool.

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Really lol!


Well, the only thing you can leave out is making the walls transparent.
Name the walls InvisibleWall and add this script to your Workspace or ServerScriptService.

for k,n in pairs(game.Workspace:GetDescendants()) do
	if n.Name == "InvisibleWall" then
		n.Transparency = 1

I was about to say that lol.


I first didn’t understand how it would be so hard to do it but now I understand, good luck brother.

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This doesn’t help me really. That is to make all the invisible walls that I place transparent. I’m trying to place walls.

Why not use an alternative? Let them fall off and have cloud dude reel them back up again? It’s not a complicated system to make. It’s clearly Mario Kart x64 inspired.

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I tried making that and it would be too hard to have the kart and the player stay in the kart

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Try to get some hired help then. All you have to do is put a part below your track, check when a player touches it, anchor the player so they can’t move, make the guy appear, pull them back up and to the track.

I don’t want to hire people. It has failed too many times.

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OK then just be creative. Unless you want to spend hours on some Lua math figuring out a way to make invisible ways appear along the track, this post has been answered. There are ways to do it but no “best way” that will be fast but won’t take a long time to get running. Just figure something out that hasn’t been done before. Best of luck.

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Having them stay on the track and not fall off isn’t really fun. I do suggest that when the player falls off, you have the screen get covered by a black frame, which then gets uncovered with the player, still in their kart, on the track, ready to drive again.

Well as I said earlier, I tried something like that, and it didn’t work.

You could use this plugin:

It makes wedges not blocks, but you can manipulate them in multiple ways (i.e. thickness, etc…)

if those are floors, which i am assuming that they are, then you can probably create multiple parts with the same cframe of those floors, then offset those newly created parts to be on the side and voila.

If you want to code it or something this may not help you but if you’re finding the building way, read below.

Firstly, duplicate your map by using ctrl + d and move it up to y0our desired height (Don’t leave spaces or else an invisible wall will be in your map.)


Take note that you can’t scale it upwards, if you’ll scale it upwards, it will result to scaling in every sides (Unless you can then might as well do it).

After duplicating it to your desired height, select all duplicated parts and negate it. Then, add a cube and scale it large covering the main map and duplicated parts. Union all parts (Duplicated map and cube), then boom you have a mold of your map. Change the transparency of mold (cube) to 0 to make it invisible. If you can’t understand this, you can contact me on Discord (iamsoarte#2312) then message me or we can call if I have time.