What is the best way to advertise games?

What is better now, sponsors or ads? By better i mean more plays/clicks for less robux.

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Now These Things Depend On Few Points.

1. The Way Your Game Looks/The Image Or Way You Advertise Your Game.

2. The Time You Advertise Your Game (2pm EST - 3pm EST Is Best in my Opinion)

Many More I just Cant Think Of

Now What You Should Remember Is that When Most Players Play Roblox Is Near 2pm-3pm EST
So You Should Try Either Sponsoring or Advertising Around that Time for The Best Clicks.

You also Should Advertise it Including Images Which Look Interesting So that When a Player Sees It,
The Image Looks Good And Attractive, And Hence He/She Might Click It.

I Have No Idea on Whether it is Best "Way" To Sponsor, But those Are Some Tips That You Should Keep In Mind


Its almost same, sponsors are bit better, main point is when and to what region will ads show up.
@YT_Forceman said it perfectly.

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Why does the time matter if ads and sponsors last 24 hours?

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The timing is by day, like Monday and Tuesday. I suggest advertising on Saturday since people do not have anything to do and are free to play Roblox.

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24 Hours. Keep that In Mind. If you start Around 2pm EST Then At Start More players Will be Attracted.
So By the End of the 24 Hours it Will Be 2pm EST Aswell, So You will Get More Players there too.
(2pm EST Will come Twice)

If you Advertise Around 6pm est Players wont be That Much. (The Time Most Players Play)
(2pm EST Will Only come Once)