What is the best way to check if a player is banned from an external ban system

I have an external ban system and I would like to figure out the best way to check if a banned player is in-game and check when they join!

by “external ban system” do you mean a module with a list of blacklisted users?

I suppose what you mean really, if you mean somewhere completely off roblox, make HTTP requests. Bare in mind rate limits: it might be good to get the data at the start of the game and refresh periodically as an influx of players could do you dirty

Its a api that checks through a PostgresSql database!

That’s the main reason I’m asking cause I don’t want to do a while loop and cause I don’t want to put to much pressure on my own VPS.

Yeah, I’d say just get ban data periodically to help take potential strain away

Load the list of banned players from your VPS when the server starts and then check that table when new players join. If players join before the data is fetched, check existing players in the game first.

You can re-fetch from your VPS every minute or more and that should not have any strain on it. If the data has changed, re-check the current server players for any new bans.


I will try your method and if I need any help is it ok if I private message you?

Yeah you can message me. I have used external web services before to implement dynamic game configurations rather than using datastore or modules.

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