What is the best way to debug scripts in VR?

hi again im back asking more about vr lol

I’ve gotten back to working on VR after a very short break; but I don’t know how exactly to fix this issue. Last time I worked on a VR script, I used VSB as that’s what I created it for, and it actually allowed me to debug the entire script with the built in console.

I cannot debug (serversided or clientsided) as on the client console, it’s filled with camera errors from me setting the camera type to Scriptable, and I can’t debug the server as trying to “click” on the button to switch to the server console doesn’t do anything.

I also cannot use studio as it doesn’t recognize my headset, and without a headset on I can’t test any of the features I’m attempting to debug.

If you have a solution, please, please tell me! Thanks!


Also, I would use VSB if it didn’t take that long to convert the scripts, but it does so it’s useless for this.

In order to test you vr game just have a test place and publish the changes there and actually join the test versions real game instead of the studio version.

I know how to that, and that’s what I am doing, but I can’t view console to see what isn’t working.

you just press f9? I mean if your really desperate try connecting your headset up THEN opening studio. Thats how i get it to work in studio.

That works, but if you’ve read the whole post, it says:


Alright, I’m sorry for sounding rude, but It’s because the post explains why I’m having trouble using console, and you’re kind of telling me what I’ve already done.

Try making a textbox on a part so you can see it and instead of printing use a punch of string joiners and have it change the text on there

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Oh, thanks. This method works pretty well!

I pretty much just did this

local print = function(h)
	workspace.Debug.SurfaceGui.TextLabel.Text ..= "\n"..h

and you can use the print() function as if it was for console.

Also just so you know this is the wrong topic area, use #help-and-feedback:scripting-support instead next time.