What is the best way to fix GUI overlay

I am new to scripting and I want to find a way when I click play, the main UI comes up, the main UI is health bar etc. I have my loading screen which works but the GUI is over the top of it. I don’t know how to solve it. Is there like a layer mode or something which can send the GUI back?


There is a property in UIs called zindex. If the zindex is set higher than the other UIs then it will appear ontop of the other UI element.


This works with everything apart from image labels and image buttons for me, is there any way you can do it with these too?

there should be a z-index property for image labels and image buttons

There is a z-index property but it doesn’t work

what exactly do you mean? can you send screenshots?

If I make a text label a higher z-index than the image label it still goes under.

Edit: I found out why it wasn’t working.