What is the best way to Game Design?

Where is the best way to start gaming designing your first game? I mean I am trying to develop a game but always gets stump when I really have to come up with game mechanics, what people to hire, and other important stuff like how would the game Appel to the audience. I am wondering this as I stated, I am looking to create my first game but am stuck on where I should start as I do not want to be the inexperienced dev that doesn’t know game design well and the game becomes a failure.


Roblox is powering imagination, come up with a game, maybe start with a baseplate and start adding random things. Eventually you will come up with an idea. Take a walk, listen to music or focus on something else.

If you need any help, ask! There are plenty of forum posts to help you. If anyone cant solve a problem, hire someone or go on YouTube. Like I said again, research the post way to hire someone on Forums.

You need to take risks and go out of your comfort zone in order to develop a game. Not every game gets on the front page, it takes many hours of coding and tweaking your game. This is probably your roadblock, failure. Believe in yourself and you will get somewhere.

Please note: This forum post looks like a duplicate thread, so I would suggest that you research before posting this.

Anyways, happy developing :wink:


As I searched this topic up and what developer forum says this topic is similar to, the topics lack details and don’t answer what I need.

The question I meant was what is the appropriate developers to hire. For example, if you are making a RPG, you will need multiple builds as in a simulator you typically need one builder.

Thanks for the help!

Trial and error. Put them through multiple scenarios, such as seeing if they work on your game. Background checking is going through their portfolio and seeing if they are “appropriate” by seeing if they got into any drama and if they say who they actually are.

The first thing you want to do before you even make your game is to make sure you have enough scripting knowledge. If you’re going to make a game by yourself but have little scripting experience, you’ll struggle with anything that’ll require scripting, potentially forcing you to search for anything related to your problem on Youtube or the DevForum.

The second thing you’ll want to do before you even make your game is to plan out the game. What will the game be? Is it going to be a platformer? A First Person Shooter? A puzzle game? You’ll have to have an idea on how the gameplay will be. If your making a First Person Shooter based game, will it be like traditional FPS games, or will it be more unique unlike traditional FPS games? You should also consider if the game is going to have originality to it, or things that’ll make your game stand out from the other plethora of games on Roblox. You’ll also want to make sure you have a theme with the game. Having a theme for your game will bring an audience to your game. For example, if your game is themed with weird and wacky things or memes, you’ll attract an audience that favors these types of games which I like to call them, Memers. If your game is themed in a ghetto like environment, you’ll attract an audience that usually enjoy ghetto themed games. (Same thing applies with semi-realistic town based games).

The third thing you’ll want to do once your starting to make your game is to get the core things done first. If your making a sword fighting game, then you should most likely make the swords before you make anything else like maps or a round based system (if you’re gonna have a round system).

Some side notes:

  • Consider hiring certain type of developers as a semi-last resort thing to do. If you’re making a simple game, you shouldn’t hire a scripter just for a game someone can easily script. Although you can still hire scripters if you wanted to, but I’d mostly suggest to teach yourself scripting mechanics rather than spending +10$ worth of robux on someone to script something you could’ve scripted for free.

  • The audience you will be targeting might behave differently than you’ll think. You could make a game that’s suppose to be fun or a simple testing place but the game could created a more toxic like community.

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This may not be true. I have a game and I had paid my scripter 0 dollars. You can offer them a percentage and you would not have to pay a single buck to hire a programmer.