What is the best way to group objects by player in the workspace?

In my game, each player will have their own objects within the workspace.
For organizational purposes, I want to group objects within each player.
I thought about leaving these objects inside the Player’s Model in the workspace, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Any suggestion?

I’d honestly recommend a folder with
“Player parts” within the workspace, and when a player joins, create a new folder with their name, so you can easily reference it, and remove it when they leave, hence deleting their parts. It’s a bad idea if you have the parts inside the player, because when they die, the parts will disappear, as the model is destroyed with all it’s descendants.


Why do you need to group them exactly? I have suggestions but I don’t think groups should be the way to go.

I was going to recommend what ben had said above ^