What is the best way to load code into studio?

Soo this isn’t related to a game but to a plugin. I’m making a plugin and one of the features i want to add is allow developers to create add-ons using the API that i will then release. I was wondering what is the best way to load the code without making in public. Do you have any idea?

not sure exactly what ur saying, if u use serverscriptservice none of the code will ever be visible to any users in your game

Wait let me explain better. The user installs the plugin from the roblox library then in the plugin there will be a marketplace section where add-ons created by other users can be installed. The problem is how would i bring the code of those add-ons into the plugin?

so you intend to create a roblox library, but in one plugin. the plugin will then use the code of other existing plugins inside of yours? if so, i’m not sure. you should move this to scripting help though as plugin creators are programmers

Ok i moved it to scripting support. No the plugin will not use other plugins code, developers will be able to create a folder containing the code of the add-on which they can publish in the marketplace if they want or just keep it for them. My plugin will just be the runner of the code. Using the API they will be able to create a frame that matches the style of the main plugin. The question was: what would the best way to get the code of the add on without making users download the folder with the scripts? example: importing from github, other…

use module scripts and require the module, or require an uploaded script on roblox through id. you can view scripts source code through command bar, if i remember correctly you can do the same through plugins in a script: script.Source

This is a good idea but do you know how i can download a folder from a github repository?

local code = HttpService:GetAsync("https://github.com/Roblox/rodux/something.lua", true)
local f = loadstring(code)

i personally thought this was removed from roblox, but i found it in this guys devforum post

Ah i know how to get a single script but i want to get a whole folder of scripts

i’m not sure how to do that. i know quenty does it on his nevermore module. you could dive into the code of that to figure something out though

he has a download through command bar link in the github instructions

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