What is the best way to make a 3D Car?

So, I’m currently working on a game (not gonna say what it is…yet), and I was wondering, “How is the best method to make a car?”. I know there is plenty of tutorials out there, but I wanna be unique with the cars I wanna make.

Info about the cars I wanna make

So, the cars I wanna make must be in a cartoony style, like Jailbreak and Mad City. I also wanna add that the game style is in a cartoony/TownAndCity style.

I’m new to 3D modeling, so any help will be very helpful!

So, what is the best way to make and learn more about 3D modeling a car?

  • Blender
  • Roblox Studio
  • C4D
  • Other (reply with suggestions)

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Please, if you want, reply with what you voted and why I should use it.

Any help is very appreciated!
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I’m confused, why is Youtube one of the poll options? Youtube might tell you how to use Blender or Roblox Studio, but it’s definitely not a replacement for either.


YouTube is on there, because you can learn how to make your own 3D car in Blender or in any other 3D modeling software…

Well, yes, but you’re still going to end up using Blender or Studio. Shouldn’t the poll be between Blender and Studio?


Oh, your right. Oops. Fixing it now.

EDIT: It’s now fixed.

if you know blender so i am think you should to use blender beacuse on blender you can make the car looks way better and on studio is preety harder also to make cars. but i am think that the thing is no ask and see what the most votes beacuse you only know also on what you better and you only know what looks better for your game.

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My cousin actually was curious about this and I told him about blender (after failing myself because I thought it was too hard). He’s never done 3D modelling and he isn’t the artsy type.

But he’s picked up really quick. I don’t know how he did it but there must be some great stuff on youtube for blender. And I’m sure there are some blender users here that can point you in the right direction.

I feel like more “artistically motivated” individuals can make art out of anything - popsicles, toothpicks, and Roblox bricks. I’m not sure if everyone has one of these, but I certainly know a friend who used to make everything out of lego. It’s just a knack people have, and that same guy ended up creating amazing things in Roblox Studio.

But for people like me, who can’t even make a donut with unions, I think blender might be a good way to go. If I wasn’t a programmer I might have some inclination to actually try to learn blender, but as of now I really don’t like to build. Learning blender will help you to create more complex shapes without having to go through Roblox Studio.

I would compare it to people who make incredible maps and stuff in Minecraft. Roblox studio is great for people who want something easy and simple, or for people who are skilled artists and have a good sense of how to use the tools they have. Blender can be learned by anyone, and yes, my cousin ended up making a car after a few weeks of learning.

Good luck with your car making journey!


Thanks for your feedback, I will look further into this! :slight_smile:

Hmm, yes I love modelling with Youtube.

I’d probably use Blender, with Studio it’s pretty hard to fill in crevices without parts sticking out.

It honestly depends on how simple you want it to be.

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I spent many years trying out Blender (download new version, open, stare at buttons, uninstall). Finally they released 2.8 and I was able to begin using it. If you still don’t like Blender there is Bforartists (a better organized Blender fork) and Wings3d.

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Alright so I’d recommend using Blender for this purpose. While it can be hard to learn, with a little persistence it’s incredibly powerful and versatile. I’ve been a 3D Modeller on Roblox specialising in vehicles for around two years now, and I’ve never looked back from using it.

Making the cars themselves in this ‘low poly’ style is relatively simple and you should be able to make your first one within a few days of picking up the software. If you make sure that each part you want to be colourable, or a different colour from the rest, is a separate mesh within the finished Roblox model, you will be able to change each part’s appearance within the game as if they were individual parts. Some major advantages to using these meshes over part built ones is that the mesh can be far more optimised, and you as the modeller have far greater control over the small details with the greater variety of tools available in dedicated 3D modelling software

Judging from how you say you’re planning on making a game, you want the cars to move etc. and not just be static display items. An important thing to note is that mesh collisions are ‘optimised’ by Roblox when you import the meshes, so it can be helpful to make low-detail part colliders to avoid janky collisions, especially if you end up making the car meshes more detailed than you originally intended.

In terms of learning the software, your best bet is to learn the basics from an online tutorial and then start learning techniques specific to modelling cars. There are loads of useful resources out there to help you learn: YouTube tutorials; forums and guides - and you should use all of them; as well as just jumping in and trying stuff out to see if you can do it. Although, be mindful as to what version of blender they are referring to, as many use Blender 2.7.x rather than the newer 2.8, which has a completely different UI and controls.

tl;dr - Use blender, it’s way more powerful than studio for this purpose and is worth learning. Use whatever you find online (doesn’t always have to be car specific) to learn and you’ll be making cars in no time.

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To make a car, you can use a plane and extrude the vertices into a car. Then extrude it outward, and you have a basic shape of a car.