What is the best way to make arms and weapon follow the camera without the use of viewmodels?

I’ve seen a few games do it without viewmodels, I think they unhook the arms from the character and get the difference between the intended location of the arms and the current location, then move it by that amount, but that doesnt seem very scaleable.


This is possible to do and easy to do, you just need to know some bit of trigonometry and some math or some bull.

I’ve seen in scripts where people move the player’s normal arms using asin, here’s the link to where i found this out How could I make your arms and head follow your mouse up and down? - #24 by Scefrom .

sort of like this but i still have two issues, the camera in first person looking up and down needs to be aligned with the sights of the gun (Maybe i could just do this by playing with the origin v alue for a bit) and it needs to be procedurally added after the animation so reloading and jazz will still work

You can probably read the part of ADS feature stuff in this post here, most of it is just viewmodels. The First Person Element Of A First Person Shooter

As a second ican\t get this working with r15

Then optimize something else that has something to do with R6 and convert it to be more compatible to R15.