What is the best way to make large places less laggy and playable without any form of lag?

Me and my friends created a place a few months ago for a group we are in but we are facing a huge problem.

What ever we try, the place always lags more. We tried every single method. Removing unnecessary meshes, even removing unions that we don’t need. We even removed outdated and unused scripts too. We also checked if we had viruses but it’s not an issue since our game is clean.

Would like to increase the number of decorations (mostly enviroment related) on this place but when ever we try to do this, the place lags a lot on testing and even when we play it.

Is there any solution to make large maps playable?

We would like to make our game playable without any lag.*

The place where we have the problem:


Any solutions? We are looking forward for tips and tricks.

How many scripts do you have in the game?

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Check this out. My game suffers from lag spikes, how do I optimize it? - #10 by TeamSwordphin


Thanks! I will check this page that you linked.

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Refer to this Developer Hub Article on Improving Game Performance.

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The models are horribly optimized. My gtx 1060 runs at 95% 60fps

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