What is the best way to make roads?

I am trying to create roads for one of my new games. I am struggling with getting something that doesn’t look low quality, but isn’t too complicated either.

So far I have tried:
TTP Roads plugin (doesnt work at all, nothing happens when i click to use the plugin)
BezierCurve Road Builder (way too confusing for me, couldnt find any good tutorials)
Roads Plugin (cant get sidewalks, super buggy because development was cancelled)
I have tried creating my own roads using only parts but I get stuck on trying to make curved street lines

I have read other posts and they all seem to recommend doing that or using blender. I am way too dumb to learn blender, so is there anything else?


For curvy roads I use the Archimedes 2 plugin, make a little piece of road with sidewalks and then use the plugin to do the rest.


Which one of the plugins do you use?

As I said above, Archimedes Two Archimedes (v3.1.9) - Roblox

I use that too. And mostly when I make city’s I just make a really big part that has the right textures, and colors then make sidewalks then put buildings on top of those might be considered lazy but eh.

I’d highly recommend using Buildv4. The plugin contains things such as making curves, and basic studio needs such as rotation and stretching. It’s really cool.