What is the best way to promote my game currently?

I am about to release my new game and I’m going to advertise it. I’ve seen some of those new In- Game Experience ads, and I’m not sure if they’re better than sponsors or not yet! Also I’ve noticed that the payment methods have completely changed since I’ve last advertised a game. If y’all can give me a rundown on doing ads in general, that’d be great!

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The typical roblox ads (the banner and the vertical equivalent) are being phased out. I think you can still get them with robux though.

Sponsored ads are the main way to advertise now. In order to run a sponsored ad, you need to get ad credits. You can either buy them direction for 1 USD per ad credit, or you can buy them with robux for 285 robux per credit. You need a minimum of 5 [or 10, I can’t remember exactly] ad credits to run a campaign. Once you run it, its basically just how the sponsored ads worked previously.

I haven’t really used the in-experience ads, so I can’t say much about their effectiveness, however I’m skeptical about their effectiveness because you would have to contend with actual brands for ad space.

Thanks for the info, I’ve had experience with sponsoring before, and it worked very well for my main game. I think the in game ads are interesting, but there is not enough opinions from others about them yet. I think I will do a sponsor!

Also I think you’ve helped me out before on here!