What is the best way to release a new simulator?

So I have a new simulator I am wanting to release soon. I have around 40k to advertise, but I don’t want to go and advertise the game with no plan in mind. Before that, I tried to advertise 2 games. The first game I did a mixture of ads and sponsorships. I ended up losing around 5-10k after spending 50k on ads, with the game hitting 0 players and a 50% like-dislike ratio. The second game I only sponsored about 15k and lost 8k. The game had a fanbase already, but it still died after like a day or 2. The thing I don’t understand is why this is happening. Should I have advertised/sponsored another way? I really want to know the best way to get my new simulator out there.

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Did you sponsor it on mobile and tablet. Those usually get most of the clicks. Plus, you can put less money into those sponsors and get more players. You could sponsor it on console, but I feel like its kinda risky. And also don’t sponsor it for computer. The lease amount of clicks come for console and PC. Advertisements would work a little bit better. But stick to sponsors for mobile devices. That’s all from me. Good luck :happy2: :+1:

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I sponsered it mainly on pc, but did like 20% each on tablet, console, and mobile.

You should mainly focus on mobile devices for sponsoring.

I’m not sure which method of advertising is best but based on your post it sounds like you may want to invest some time in making sure your core gameplay is good. Advertising can get you players but it won’t help you keep players. Keeping players interested is what your core gameplay is supposed to do so if you’re having trouble keeping player or you don’t have a good like ratio I’d suggest asking your players what they like and what they don’t like that you can improve on. Once you make some changes feel like people will enjoy it more you could run a bit of advertising and see how your game does, improve gameplay as needed, and then repeat. Keep in mind, adding more features doesn’t necessarily help, the important thing is to have a fun core gameplay loop and then any extra features are just a bonus.

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I helped this guy transfer a game with around 100 concurrent players to a group and put like 20k funds into it + teleported players from that game to the group game, but players didn’t play it even though it was the exact same.

This. Playtest, playtest and playtest. Find people who are willing to try out your game, and see what needs to be tweaked. It’s better to make the mistake now than to make the same mistake after spending 10k robux on advertising.

The second thing I’d recommend is to try and reach out to youtubers (specifically people who play simulators) and see if they’ll play your game, whether paid or not. Influencer marketing is a great way to leverage another person’s audience and drive people to your game.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to promote your game on social media, meaning Twitter, Discord, Instagram and other places. It’s free, and helps maintain your momentum for future games (having a discord server is GREAT for this).

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Promote more on mobile since younger audiences play mainly on mobile, also put less robux into it so you don’t lose a lot.

Might seem obvious but don’t spend it all on the first day. Make sure your game is really up to standard before even thinking of releasing; don’t fool yourself and rush just because you want to get the game out. I turned 18K robux into 400K with smart release strategies. The main thing that helped was having some hype built up/fanbase before releasing. I wouldn’t bother with Twitter unless you already have a large following. I tried Twitter and got about 20 followers in about a month. Then I tried Reddit, which gave a way bigger following within 2 days.

It’s worth noting that it’s in your best interest to find serious playtesters instead of random people. In my experience, random people give horrible feedback that means nothing to you as a developer. Feedback from players is important before releasing. Don’t mind when people tell you to spend most of your advertising budget on mobile devices unless your game is specifically tailored for mobile devices. My game had mobile capabilities but I sponsored mainly on PC. Obviously spend some amount on mobile, but not as much as PC because you get a lot more impressions/Robux with mobile. Don’t bother with ads, sponsoring is the way to go.

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Out of curiosity, would players have to start over in the group game? If players lost their data or had to start over that’s probably why they weren’t interested in playing the group game.

Data was never even saved in the beginning.

Interesting, I wonder what caused the change then :thinking: