What is the best way to stream data from client to server, in almost realtime

So the problem is, i need a way to stream a float or int from a client, to the server in the fastest way there is

Why do you need it in first place?
So i’m making a pong like game in roblox, and currently there is no efficient method of data streaming in 2 ways. Plus adding the whole simulation to the client would be risky since it can easily be spoofed and exploited.

So why don’t you use RemoteEvents?
RemoteEvents aren’t the faster method, i think they are just a http request, if they are, the SSL handshake(if it has one) probably already takes 100-250ms(Or even more), which is already a big loss

And about RemoteFunctions?
I’m not sure about them, but they would be complicated, and would be very risky to add one to the client without a very safe server side script

What are your ideas for this problem?
My idea i have so far is adding a Int/Float Value in the player character and update it from client so it can replicate. Now, will it work? i have no idea

What do you think roblox could do to solve this problem?
A websocket library/service, made for fast data transmission in 2 ways(client to server, server to client)

If you have any ideas of how i could fix this problem, or any ideas, be free to comment.


I dont know what you could use instead of Remote and Bindable events i guess you could just make your own