What is the best way to tween a model's position?

Currently I’m welding all the parts to a primary part and then tweening the primary part.

I dislike the method of welding the parts, the usage of it is limited and just a big extra step which can mess with other stuff in the model.

I was curious if doing Model:PivotTo() each frame would use more memory and cpu resources to tween the model and if it’s a good method over all to do.

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Welding probably causes more performance issues than pivotto because it’s handled by physics, setPrimaryPartCFrame and model:PivotTo achieve the same goal. The one difference is that SetPrimaryPartCFrame requires a primary part.
TL;DR - use PivotTo()!

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Thanks for the response alexfinger21. That’s what I thought too.

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Welding, obviously (if your model needs to be unanchored).

Keep in mind that welds are not physical constraints. PivotTo will likely perform calculations in the background to get the pivot offset which will take away from performance.

If your model needs to be anchored, use PivotTo.

Yea, well my stuff is anchored so the only thing I’m trying to achieve is to simply tween model’s position from 1 place to another.

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