What is the correct size for a thumbnail?

Hi, I’m making thumbnails, but want to know the correct size to crop them at to avoid these white lines:
Example from another game:


The size for a thumbnail is 1920x1080, and the size for the icon is 512x512, as it will also show on the configure page.

The sizes are in pixels as well, so it won’t confuse anyone out there. :eyes:


Thank you, but where does it mention this on the configure page?

That’s what I initially thought, but I guess it doesn’t show on there currently at the moment, wish it did.

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On the website’s Configure page, there is no mention. I do wish that they mentioned the sizes for icons and thumbnails. But you could of just done light research to find these this article on the DevHub which does mention the size of an icon:

Game Icons Tips

But this article clearly does not:


So Roblox is being very inconsistent here. However, if you go to Game Settings in the Studio:

It does tell you the sizes. How strange.

By the way the ratios for icons are 1x1 and for thumbnails is 16x9.

CC: Maximum size is 512x512 for icons and 1920x1080 for thumbnails. Anything larger will be compressed, and anything smaller will be more blurry. This way the thumbnail and icon looks nice over every platform.

Extra tips is to see if your thumbnails and icons still look good at different resolutions. For example, the game page will shrink your icon to 128x128 pixels. It will be shrunk.

File formats .png and .jpg can both be used, but .png is recommended.