What is the delay of the Roblox algorithm boosting for a game?

So, to frame my question a little better, I know that Roblox boosts games based on numerous factors, the most important one is retention. However, it seems that for my game, when the retention is high for that specific day, it takes a few more days until Roblox starts boosting it based on that amount alone.

this is the graph I found of nightcycle’s cj oyer’s visits based on his 100 other games all mixed in together based on retention. What I find to be interesting is that when a game has good retention rate when it first starts, Roblox seems to not boost it after some x amount days, and then they flip the algorithm switch.

For example, allow me to display this correlation with data from my game:
This is data of retention: (it is D1RR)

The reason why its so high at first is because of my game testers before I advertised
now this is my data of visits:

that first big bump of around 200~ visits you see (which was on the 28th of January) is the 1 day I advertised. The other days are where the visits jump is simply from discovery players.

Now, based on my data and cj oyers data, you can see a clear discrepancy, which was that the data does not match up, but if you moved the clock back for my data back a few days, you can see the data does match up I got around 5%~ retention rate and 1k visits a few days after as a result, which was the same case in cj oyer’s data, when he got 5% he got around 1k as well, now I got 5%~ again today but I only got like 200 visits today, this was the discrepancy I was talking about my hypothesis is that a few days from now maybe I will get ~1k ish again, so I assume Roblox’s algorithm waits/delays or something like that. I just want to know what really is going on here if anyone knows and is there a specific time length before they boost it? Also, if you know any other factors such as retention or time length, how does it influence the algorithm? I know that roblox flips a switch for the game for a good retention rate, but does anyone know exactly how that switch works? Thanks!


From what I know, the algorithm did something similar with @focasds game, The Lost Land, but nobody really knows how the algoritm works, so nobody will ever be able to give you anything other than theories, except the Roblox Staff, but they are probably not gonna tell you, the only thing that seems sure is that based on retention a game will get higher as you said