What is the difference between CFrame.RightVector and CFrame.XVector?

What is the difference between CFrame.RightVector and CFrame.XVector?
No matter how I rotate my object, they always return the same?

How can I get the CFrame’s “LeftVector”?


XVector is an normal vector like RightVector, to get left vector, u just subtract

CFrame.RightVector*-3 --returns LeftVector

You almost never want the XYZVector unless you’re doing some real fiddly matrix math.

The left vector is just -cf.RightVector.

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I still cannot understand, however, why I do get the same values for RightVector and XVector?




That’s interesting. Could you also


along with the other two?

edit: and can you say what the Orientation is?

this is the result from GetComponents:

21 7.499999046325684 4.000005722045898 0.35355353355407715 0.926776647567749 0.12682637572288513 -0.7071068286895752 0.3535534143447876 -0.6123725771903992 -0.6123725175857544 0.12682673335075378 0.7803301811218262

Orientation is
37.761, 9.232, -63.435

Hm. There’s a bug with XVector it seems (either its documentation or its implementation).

Your matrix looks like this:

 0.35  0.92  0.12
-0.70  0.35 -0.61
-0.61  0.12  0.78

So RightVector should be the first column (which it appears to correctly be) and XVector should be the first row (which it isn’t for some reason).

I think it’s a bug but can’t try it myself right now.

Basically nobody uses XVector so I wouldn’t be surprised if it just hasn’t come up

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It seems these are 2 problems

  • the description of RightVector in the docs is wrong (as noted by Narrator above)
  • the XVector method returns the same value as RightVector
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Since I wrote that linked post roblox updated their docs. Unfortunately it’s still wrong lol


The right-direction component of the CFrame’s orientation. Equivalent to the first/left column of the rotation matrix, or Vector3.new(r00, r01, r02).



Equivalent to the first row of the rotation matrix, or Vector3.new(r00, r01, r02).

CFrame.XVector and CFrame.RightVector return the same values. Same with YVector with UpVector and ZVector with -LookVector, they return the same values. I believe this is a bug.

I actually use XVector lol and other CFrame properties.

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